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Think Fast! New cheerful and very intense game for the company of friends or a family. It will be boring for nobody as it is necessary to give quickly the answer and you never know when there is your course! It will be interesting both to adults, and children as the speed of a game can be set up under itself! It is possible to play a game as a family with children, and with friends, a game is suitable both for boys, and for girls.


• Unsurpassed intensity of emotions!

• Learn to think quickly!

• It is possible to set up all game under the speed!

• Play together, three together, four together, five together … Play six together!

• Complete feelings from a game FREE OF CHARGE!

• More than 100 jobs in two languages: RUSSIAN and ENGLISH!

• A beautiful graphics which won't distract you from a game!

Game modes:

• A game for two people differs in intensity of emotions as there are only you and your opponent!

• A game for three people differs not only in intensity of emotions, but also unpredictability! Your course can be the following in any second!

• A game for four people – unpredictable fight!

• A game for five people – who will lose? Can you?

• A game for six people – the REAL FIGHT ON EMBARKATION!

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